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About Us

The Professional Plaza Clinic, initially known as the Professional Plaza Health Care Center, P.C., was founded in 1973 by the Civil Rights Leaders, Dr. Frank Perryn Raiford III, M.D.  So strong was Dr. Raiford’s commitment to improving the lives of others that even at the age of 84 while battling a serious illness, his main priority was to ensure that after his death the needs of the patients that he loved and who depended upon him would continue to be met with excellent care and attention. Prior to his passing, Dr. Raiford passed the reigns of the medical practice to a loyal employee, Andrea McBride.

The PPC was selected as one of four medical clinics throughout Wayne County to participate in a study based upon developmental screening to detect and prevent a multitude of health related problems. Deemed a success, the study and the results obtained from the Professional Plaza Clinic now set the standard for medical practices throughout Detroit and the USA.​

Our Medical Staff

Executive Director/CEO
Mrs. Andrea P. McBride

Our CEO possesses extensive experience and training in the medical and management field. Receiving great mentorship from our late Founder, Andrea takes pride in serving all of our families and local communities. She is an active volunteer in youth based and community actives throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Medical Director
Dr.Stanley Frencher, MD

Our medical staff is led by the PPC’s Medical Director, Dr. Stanley Frencher, who specializes in Internal Medicine, Pain Management, Preventative treatment and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle and nutritional habits. In addition to Dr. Frencher, the physicians on staff includes a pediatrician, family physician and OB/GYN. 

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